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I first met Pastor Bridget when I was working and traveling as a personal assistant. I knew immediately that she was someone I needed to pull and glean from, but I had no idea exactly how influential she would be in my life in the years to come. I’ve watched her declare that she “always wins”, but more than that - I’ve watched her ALWAYS every area of her life! I have learned the importance and value of confessing God’s word over my life, and everyone/everything that I’m attached to from watching her. She is what I call “A MOM’s MOM”, and she’s really been a pillar in my motherhood journey.

To have been received by her with so much love and care from day one, and now to be encouraged to continue sharing with MOMs everywhere the way that God has assigned me to, means more than I could ever express.

I know I’m not the only one who feels so strongly about her...she not only has three amazing daughters, but also many spiritual children. Read a little of the interview below where she gives insight on how she’s mothered all of her children.

What were the age(s) of your child(ren) when you began pastoring with your husband?

I’ve been a Pastor’s wife all of my married life; Oct. 4, 1975 I married Apostle IV Hilliard and we were installed in our first church the next day.

With your natural children I know motherhood is 24/7, is there ever a "cut-off" time with your spiritual children? How do you handle/balance the two?

Not if they need wisdom, insight, and guidance; I’m always a phone call or text away. My children have an open door policy and open phone call policy; if it’s an emergency I will stop and listen to them and the same with my Spiritual children. Quality time spent with my family is done on family vacation which is penciled on the calendar before anything else. During vacation; there are no invitations to our spiritual children as they know it is my family time. We have other special times we go away with our spiritual children.

In reading Michelle Obama's "Becoming" I loved her commitment to making sure that regardless of what else might have been happening in, or with, The White House that her husband had to cover as President - her girls were her top priority. Over the years did you find it challenging to be "all in" as your children's mother AND Pastor large numbers of people (being their Spiritual Mother)?

I love that statement as well this is how I have lived my entire life; my Daughters are now 47, 41, and 33 and have always been my #1 Priority. As ministry demands grew I stood on Proverbs 31 and Mark 10:30-31 emphasizing the time I spent away from them in ministry; God would give it back to me in a 100 fold measure which is the optimum return on the relationship.

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