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A Natural Wo•MOM!

In April of 2006 I thought I was just joining their church, but little did I know I was joining their family. This family has loved and covered me as if they habe known me my entire life. They have shared in some of my life’s BIGGEST (MOM)ents, and the beautiful thing about it is that it doesn’t stop here! There is so much more life inside of all of us, and I’m grateful we get to live it together.

I’ve had the pleasure of being pastored and mothered by this pheMOMenal woman, and while I’ve benefited from the grace on her life I knew it couldn’t have been the easiest thing in the world to do. I don’t recall ever asking her how she felt about it all, so I wanted to do so for this blog post. See a little of our interview below:

What were the age(s) of your child(ren) when you began pastoring with your husband?

William IV-10; Paul-8; David-5; Keilah-2

With your natural children I know motherhood is 24/7, is there ever a "cut-off" time with your spiritual children? How do you handle/balance the two?

Motherhood is a 24/7 ministry. I find myself in “mother mode” all the time. I can’t say that I specifically have a cut off from mothering my spiritual children but I do establish boundaries of “down time” for myself in general. If I am on vacation or traveling with my husband everyone knows that we are away because we need it and to keep non emergency issues until I return. As with any mother you answer the call when needed but I find that I’m a better mother and a better me to minister to others when I exercise intentional self care.

In reading Michelle Obama's "Becoming" I loved her commitment to making sure that regardless of what else might have been happening in, or with, The White House that her husband had to cover as President - her girls were her top priority. Over the years did you find it challenging to be "all in" as your children's mother AND Pastor large numbers of people (being their Spiritual Mother)?

I believe I am graced for the role of both spiritual mother and natural mother. It has been a rewarding yet challenging calling by God. As with every assignment there are challenges, Faith fights and difficulties. I believe the rewards have far outweighed the setbacks.

My natural children are my life. I have endeavored to be a great mom for them and at the same time fulfill the kingdom assignment of leading my spiritual sons and daughters. My natural children know that they cannot be replaced. They also understand the call of God in my life and have been absolutely selfless in sharing me. I make sure there are times when it’s just us and they don’t have to share my attention. We have date days and activities that I unplug as not to be distracted. I ask God to keep me keen and discerning so I know when to give attention to what and above all I pray daily and ask God for wisdom and direction to be the best natural and spiritual mom to all whom God has assigned me to! I don’t have to be a mom...I am privileged to get to be a mom!


Because our responsibilities as MOMs can at times seem endless we tend to forget that our “got to’s” are actually, really, “get to’s”. Thank you, Ma, for that reminder!

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